Kathleen Kawamura, PhD Clinical Psychologist
Kathleen Kawamura, PhDClinical Psychologist



If you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911 or your local hospital emergency room instead of my phone service.  Listed below our hopsitals and services that are available for psychiatric emergencies.  Please be aware that not all hospitals are covered by all insurance companies. 




* UCI Medical Center; 101 The City Drive, Orange (714) 456-5705; can provide urgent psychiatric evaluations in their emergency room; hospital has a psychiatric inpatient program.     

* South Coast Medical Center; 31872 Coast Highway, Laguna Beach (949) 499-7501; can provide urgent psychiatric evaluations in their emergency room; hospital has a psychiatric inpatient and partial hospitalization program    

* College Hospital; 301 Victoria St, Costa Mesa (949) 642-2734; (800) 773-8001; can provide urgent psychiatric evaluations in their lobby; hospital has a psychiatric inpatient program           


FOR CLIENTS WITHOUT INSURANCE: Evaluation and Treatment Services - (714) 834-6900; can provide urgent psychiatric evaluations; has an inpatient psychiatric program; transportation can be done by police or ambulance                             


FOR CLIENTS WITHOUT INSURANCE: Orange County Centralized Assessment Team (CAT)   866-830-6011 (toll free); available Mon. - Fri. (except holidays)  8:30am - 5:30pm; mobile assessment team that will respond to psychiatric emergencies in the community; for safety purposes, CAT will be assisted by the police/sheriff when called to a scene; can then assist clients with referrals and transportation to inpatient programs.


HOTLINE: Orange County Crisis Hotline (714) 639-4673

                National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-TALK/(800)273-8255    


REFERRALS: 2-1-1 Orange County 2-1-1 or www.211oc.org: free, accessible, 3 digit telephone number that provides access to community services such as health care, housing alternative, jobs, mental health support, emergency financial assistance

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